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Tri-Flow, 2 OZ Squeeze Bottle, Lubricant with Teflon - 2 Pack

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How It Works For You

At 45,000Hz of ultrasonic energy, the Ultrasonic Cleaner produces microscopic bubbles that dislodge contaminants that are harmful to your jewelry (and other metal staff) like sweat, oils, and lotions. In this process called “cavitation”, nanobubbles are deployed to get into even the most intricate of designs and clean up in the gentlest of ways.

  • Made in US
  • Removes dirt and corrosion
  • Penetrates fastly
  • Minimizes buildup of dirt, dust and abrasive particles
  • Sold as 2 pack
Krylon Tri-Flow Lube is specially formulated with high grade petroleum oils, micronized Teflon and other ingredients to quickly soften and easily remove dirt and corrosion while keeping equipment operating at its peak under heavy load, high wear or severe temperature extremes. Conveniently penetrates fastly, displaces moisture and reduces friction and wear on moving parts protecting against rust and corrosion. Made to minimize buildup of dirt, dust and abrasive particles while loosening rusted parts and freeing sticky mechanisms. Ideal for use on bearings, rollers, drive chains, gears, locks, winches, shafts, sprocket housings, cables, tolls, conveyors, bolts, hinges and cranks. Safe for use on metal, wood, plastic or rubber. The non-staining tri-flow features a brown finish with a mild, fruity odor. Available in a 2oz aerosol size.