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Set of 2 Ball Citric Acid 7.5 oz. Jar bundled by Maven Gifts

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How It Works For You

At 45,000Hz of ultrasonic energy, the Ultrasonic Cleaner produces microscopic bubbles that dislodge contaminants that are harmful to your jewelry (and other metal staff) like sweat, oils, and lotions. In this process called “cavitation”, nanobubbles are deployed to get into even the most intricate of designs and clean up in the gentlest of ways.

Tomatoes need a lower pH so that they may be water bath canned. Citric acid naturally lowers the pH without changing the tomato flavors. Citric acid is called for in 90% of USDA tomato recipes. This product provides a pantry-ready alternative to lemon juice when canning tomatoes. Keep your tomatoes tasting like tomatoes! This product does not change tomato flavor like lemon juice, so it will always taste like a tomato. Citric acid just made it taste better, easier and safer. This bottle will can up to 77 quarts of tomatoes. And this is Kosher certified. Maven Gifts provides you with only the most durable and well-designed items. You can always rest assured that your items will come as expected, featuring high quality construction and well detailed designs. We take pride in our items and selection for you. This package includes (2) Ball Citric Acid 7.5 oz. Jar.