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Jobe's Organics Compost Starter Granules Organic Plant Food 4 lb.

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How It Works For You

At 45,000Hz of ultrasonic energy, the Ultrasonic Cleaner produces microscopic bubbles that dislodge contaminants that are harmful to your jewelry (and other metal staff) like sweat, oils, and lotions. In this process called “cavitation”, nanobubbles are deployed to get into even the most intricate of designs and clean up in the gentlest of ways.

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Gives you results in 2-3 weeks instead of 60-90 days like other composting products. Increases microbial activity for fast results. Contains 100% organic compost nutrients. NPK 4-4-2. The fast acting starter has Biozome, a mixture of three microorganisms—bacteria, micorrhizal fungi and a unique species of Archea. These microorganisms break down simple and even complex materials and minerals to nutrients that are readily available to your plants. Application Rate: Liberally sprinkle 2 cups of Jobes Organics Compost Starter per cubic yard of waste. Turn compost and add water to moisten. Do not soak. See results in 2-3 weeks. 4 lb bag. Derived from feather meal, bone meal, composted poultry, manure, sulfate of potash. Also contains beneficial bacteria: Arthrobacter Globiformis, Arthrobacter simplex, azotobacter Chroococcum, Azobacter paspali, Azosprillum lipoferum, Strepomyces griseoflavis and Pseudomonas fluorescens.