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Espoma IT5 Iron Tone Bag, 5-Pound (Pack of 3)

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How It Works For You

At 45,000Hz of ultrasonic energy, the Ultrasonic Cleaner produces microscopic bubbles that dislodge contaminants that are harmful to your jewelry (and other metal staff) like sweat, oils, and lotions. In this process called “cavitation”, nanobubbles are deployed to get into even the most intricate of designs and clean up in the gentlest of ways.

  • Value pack of 3 Espoma IT5 Iron Tone Bag. For a naturally green garden, Fast-acting, non-staining turns yellow leaves deep green.
  • For Lawn, Veggies, trees & shrubs, the Iron tone is an all-natural iron supplement
  • Provides 5 percent iron and 13 percent sulfur, Restores deep green color to yellow chlorotic plants
  • Will not stain patios or walkways
  • Comes in a 5-pound bag each